Cortina Common

Workhorse and racehorse? Yes.


A sturdy Dutch transport bike with crates and bags or a light, manoeuvrable city bike for effectively and enjoyably covering serious distances. Cortina asked us: can't we combine the functionality of this type of transport bike with a pleasant dynamic cycling experience?


We developed a super-light city bicycle with matching accessories:

  • By making the frame geometry somewhat sportier than usual, the Common is remarkably agile and dynamic to steer and ride.
  • For everything you want to take with you, you can easily add functional elements.
  • The Common front and rear carriers are equipped with the convenient AtranVelo System that allows you to click on and off various accessories in one go.
  • Our CMF team was able to go all out: the Cortina Common and all its accessories are available in various designs and colours. Users have a great many options.

The Cortina Common has turned into the perfect crossover between workhorse and racehorse. Apart from Cortina and studioMOM, 3 professional juries were also quite enthusiastic. They particularly praised the beautiful frame and the handy click-on/click-off accessories.

  • Eurobike Award 2018
  • RAI: Bike of the year 2018 
  • GIO, Goed Industrieel Ontwerp: Erkenning 2018

Foto: Gelderlander, april 2019 © Rolf Hensel

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