About studioMOM

Identity & Strategy | Product design | CMF-design


With our designs, we want to leave the world a more beautiful place than we found it. We think about the impact on the climate, about practical beauty and about the people using the product.


Thinking big.

With the designs we come up with today, we influence the world of tomorrow. This gives us a certain responsibility, because the earth's resources are not inexhaustible. That is why we think about the footprint of our designs. How do we keep it as small as possible in series production? And how do we create as much value as possible while using a minimum of raw materials and energy? This is the new reality to which we commit ourselves.

Thinking small.

At the product level, we strive for designs with a lasting value. After all, the longer a product lasts, the smaller its end-of-life footprint. That is why we strive for designs that are easy to disassemble. So that maintenance, repair and – ultimately – recycling become child's play. In addition, we use high-quality materials, preferably of natural origin, biodegradable or easy to recycle. In this way we create new classics with a greater chance of a second, third and fourth life.

Thinking human.

At the same time, our designs have to spark people' s imagination. Users should grow to love them, be proud to keep using them years on end. In all the choices we make regarding shapes, materials and colours, our designs must provide the best solution, be attractive, feel wonderful to the touch and be ergonomically appropriate. And because humans are first and foremost a social species we see design as a central part of the brand experience. 

For us, this all fits together perfectly.