Toiletbutton Wisa-Fluidmaster

A little piece of art


For Wisa-Fluidmaster, the world's largest manufacturer of parts and accessories for toilet cisterns, we made a design for a new toilet button. Our approach went beyond just designing a functional object; studioMOMs designers delved into the context in which this everyday item operates. In modern toilet spaces, visible cisterns are rarely found. The user is disconnected from the way the system works and the water usage that comes with it. Modern built-in cisterns often leave space for a shelf against the wall, making the technology invisible, and transforming toilet spaces into small sanctuaries: The smallest room in the house is adorned with candles, paintings, and birthday calendars. How does a modern toilet button fit into this? 


We wanted to bring back awareness of the water usage by designing a small, practical work of art:

  • To make users aware of water usage, we integrated an illuminated line on the panel. This line indicates how full the cistern is. When pressing the large button, the line completely extinguishes during flushing, while it only partially extinguishes with the small button.
  • We explored the proportions of the buttons, resulting in a small abstract painting that relates to the contemporary covering of your toilet wall.
  • To draw attention to the right buttons, we designed minimalist graphics that guide the eyes to where the hands should press: preferably the smallest dosing.
  • To maintain a connection with the technology, we integrated a classic mechanical lever that lifts the stopper. This way, you stay in touch with the technology behind the wall, and flushing remains a non-mysterious process.
  • The design is available in various matte shades, providing every toilet space with a suitable finishing touch.

The minimalist design language and refined finish of the toilet button create a pleasant experience of the modern toilet space where well-being is important. Simultaneously, the integrated light strip makes you aware of water consumption and provides insight into the consequences of the action.



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