Widek strap hooks

It's all in the details


A bicycle is a product composed of a frame and numerous other components: chain guards, lights, fenders, pedals; all semifinished products made by different manufacturers. When purchasing these parts, it's not always easy to find the design language or color that harmonizes with the end product. Take, for example, carrier straps: The hooks are often pronounced in design, not in the right proportion, and overly detailed. Additionally, the new E- and Cargo-bikes are becoming bulkier, and traditional carrier straps feel a bit small and fragile. Hence, the question from Widek: Can we create better-fitting carrier straps?



We started from the function: Using a strap twice as wide as usual, we designed two new binding hooks.

  • We sketched various shapes for the hook that are universally applicable to different types of frames.
  • The function guided the design, not the brand.
  • We came up with two shape alternatives:
    • A point, a directionless shape that looks slender and playful, reminiscent of rings found in other fastening solutions.
    • A line that continues from the binder into the hook and feels like a logically sturdy and solid handle.
  • Both designs feature a cutout that visually connects different materials, reminiscent of a buckle.
  • The detailing emphasizes the qualities of the used material.

Not loud, but strikingly beautiful. These carrier straps make a powerful statement that blends well with all kinds of bikes and tastes. It’s all in the details!

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