MyHelmet protects heads and the planet

StudioMOM takes big steps towards a bio-manufactured bicycle helmet

Safe for your head, good for the environment. StudioMOM’s industrial designers turned a ‘normal’ bicycle helmet into a game changer. MyHelmet fits in with principles of the circular economy: there are minimal CO2 emissions, it does not require any fossil raw materials and the end result is 100% biodegradable.

For safety reasons, you have to replace a bicycle helmet every 3 years. This creates a waste stream of a hard-to-recycle, glued-together mixture of foam and plastic. StudioMOM wondered if it would be possible to develop a helmet that is less harmful to our planet?

Mars Holwerda, founder and designer at StudioMOM is excited about designer Alessandra Sisti’s work: “By developing a new process, we have taken a considerable step towards using mycelium bio-manufacturing on an industrial scale. The bicycle industry now has something at its disposal to stop the endless stream of harmful, systematic plastic and EPS waste. But we are not there yet.” StudioMOM is looking for partners to help develop this product further and to bring about real change. “Who is in?”

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